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Amarok Bar & Restaurant at Southgate

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The restaurant for all hungry explorers

Located in Southgate on the banks of the Yarra River in Melbourne, Amarok is a new addition to the restaurant scene.  The menu is inspired by traditional North American and Canadian flavours, using only the finest ingredients.

A collection of North American Boutique Beers compliments the menu, and there is also a great cocktail list to choose from.

Bobby Stephens, creator of Ice Bar Melbourne, engaged Peter Anastas to help with the design. Peter set out to create a cutting edge restaurant and bar to compliment the Ice Bar.   Having travelled extensively, with a fondness for exploration, the idea of a “journey” became a solid starting point.
Having Australia’s only Ice Bar definitely played a massive role in what we would come up with for Amarok,” Bobby said.

The restaurant is now warm and inviting, with plenty of personality and a stunning stone fireplace. The hand-branded leather bound menus is one of several touches that complete the atmosphere.
The name Amarok derives from an Inuit mythological creature, described as a “gigantic wolf”, whose purpose is to “hunt down and devour anyone foolish enough to hunt alone at night”.  Best not go there by yourself!!

Head Chef Carey Stephens created the menu to stand out in Southbank. A native Maori from Te Awamutu in New Zealand’s north island, Carey has over 30 years industry experience in some of the worlds’ finest restaurants. “I loved the idea of the hungry explorer.Amarok prawn

A specialty on the menu is the Amarok Feast Board. For a reasonable price, customers get to try up to six Amarok dishes. Similar to a tasting plate, the Amarok Feast Board is a fantastic way to help you decide what to have on your next visit!  And I should add the prawns are a must!

Amarok Bar & Restaurant is on the mid-level of Southgate and open Tuesday – Sunday 12pm-late (closed Mondays).

For reservations call (03) 9663 1877 or email enquiries to

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