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Bloody Mary Oyster Shot

Miguel Bloody mary

6 oysters
Hand full of ice
40ml vodka
25ml lemon juice
1/3 lime squeezed
4 shakes Tabasco sauce
10ml Worcestershire sauce
200ml tomato juice
Splash of extra virgin olive oil

  • In a cocktail shaker add ice, vodka, lemon juice, lime, Tabasco, Worcestershire, tomato juice and olive oil, Shake until combined.
  • In a shot glass put one oyster and top up glass with bloody mary mix.
  • Garnish with tempura samphire.(recipe below)

Tempura Samphire

1 packet tempura mix (asian section)
1/2 L soda water
1 few sprigs of samphire (can be found in harris farm)
2 cups vegetable oil

  • Put in mixing bowl tempura mix, add slowly soda water until you achieve a butter consistency. Add 3 ice cubes. It is very important that the tempura batter is really cold so it becomes crispy.
  • In a small saucepan with 2 cups of vegetable oil very hot, fry the samphire until crispy (30-40 secs). Remove and dry with paper towel.
  • Shoot oyster shot and use the tempura samphire as a chaser!