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Caprioska, with a twist!

Caprioska, with a twist!

Serves 1

A favourite at this time of year with mint and basil abundant in the garden. Basil is not normally used and definitely optional, but if you like your fresh herbs, it gives this drink another blast. And the lime just makes me want more! Give it a go but don’t blame me if you can’t stop at one!!

1 lime, quartered
1-2 teaspoons brown sugar
40ml of vodka
Fresh mint and basil (a few leaves of each)
Mineral or soda water to top up (only if you wish!)

  • Crush lime wedges and sugar with a muddling stick or use your morter and pestle.  Add in the vodka and give a few more jabs with the muddling stick!  This releases more of that delicious lime oil into the vodka.
  • Pop into a glass and add in ice, fresh mint and maybe a sprig of basil if you have it from your garden.  You can enjoy as is or top up with mineral water for a long refreshing drink.