Justine May

Pot Luck Dinner Party


Recently I hosted a Pot Luck Dinner Party for a group of foodie friends, and it was a great success. I had heard the term before, but had to ask my American friend what it actually entailed.

It is as it sounds, everyone brings a dish each and its potluck what you get. We decided to create a theme and allocate a course, and with 12 people (6 couples) this worked well. In fact the two dessert guests teamed up and created a dessert tasting plate. Our theme was Asian, and dishes included, for entrée, Sang choi bow, rice paper rolls and a little spicy pork mince on pineapple wedges. Main course was Tempura, expertly cooked by our friend Rick, crispy skinned chicken in a coffee five spice broth and sticky beef (Kylie Kwong’s version) served with rice, and for dessert we had a mango cheesecake, chilli chocolate mouse and lime ice-cream (YUM).

We themed the table and served Sake, which caused some headaches the next morning, but the night was such a great success, we have decided to go through the alphabet and the next Pot Luck dinner is looking like either Bulgarian, Bogan or BBQ. Chicko roll anyone?

Tell us about your Dinner Party ideas.