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There’s a new player in the Grocery playing field on High Street in Prahran and they’ve opened with a bang!

Prahran Grocer officially opened its doors on 2nd December to great expectations, and they didn’t disappoint.  Based on old-fashioned values and service, owners Michael and Tina Reddrop are experienced retail operators who run several supermarkets primarily in regional Victoria. They are keen to create a city grocery store with a point of difference – big enough to provide great value but small enough to care about the customers and what they need.

“We’re a family-owned business with more than 40 years’ experience in the grocery and supermarket game,” said Tina. “We’re local and we love food. We’re incredibly passionate about sourcing fresh, quality food from the very best Australian suppliers.”

The cheeky and whimsical sense of humour of the owners shows in their signage (Cheese. One small step for milk, one giant leap for mankind.) and the name for their take-home trolleys (Gourmet Travellers). It’s all part of loving what they do and being genuine originals in a bland marketplace.

“People can ring up, or order online and we’ll pack their order for them in one of our trolleys. Whether they want pantry basics or fresh gourmet produce, we will go to any length to provide it,” said Michael.

Tina shares his commitment to service. “We’ll source exotic ingredients, supply ready-to-eat-meals and hopefully build a relationship with our customers. We want to become a valued member of the local community, just like grocers should be.”

Both are hoping their unique idea catches on. “It’s about steering a fine line between the scale of a supermarket and the specialty of a boutique. We want to find the right balance of good value and excellent quality,” said Tina. ‘We put customers at the top of our priorities,’ said Michael. ‘We want them to feel welcome when they visit and to see a smiling face. It’s an idea of service that is much more personal than the big chains can provide.’

Prahran Grocer is open 7 days a week from 7am to 10pm. 87 High Street, Prahran.

The Welcoming Team:

Prahran Grocer team

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Big Kitchen Events with Gary Mehigan catered at the Launch which was attended by Tobie and Georgia Puttock.

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