Pour les Amour

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This elegant bottle with the French sounding name is in fact a true blue Australian label from the Adelaide Hills. We discovered a feature article on the wine in a fashion magazine of all things, but with its elegant looks, fresh crisp flavour, it's...

Boozy Eggnog (not just for Christmas)

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As American as this recipe may be, I think all grannies the world over should be serving this up all year round. It is a delightful alternative to other alcoholic drinks – and if you have chickens, what better way to put your eggs to good use? ...


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This refreshing wine from the Clare Valley is a dry variety, not like the one Nanna used to drink!  Best enjoyed with seafood or Asian, it is mouth-wateringly impressive with a natural acid.  A great choice to enjoy on a summer's day. It is straw...
Ginger Syrup

Fresh Ginger Syrup

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I just love fresh ginger.  This syrup is great to use in cocktails or just use with soda water as a refreshing pick me up in the afternoon.  It also helps when you're not feeling your best or a bit nauseous. Ingredients 100g fresh ginger 4 cups...
Caprioska, with a twist!

Caprioska, with a twist!

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A favourite at this time of year with mint and basil abundant in the garden. Basil is not normally used and definitely optional, but if you like your fresh herbs, it gives this drink another blast. And the lime just makes me want more! Give it a go...
Jordan's Mandarin & Spice Mead

Honey Mead

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Mead is the oldest form of alcoholic fermentation around. Honey and water (hence being known as ‘honey wine’) are the two main ingredients, but different ingredients can be added to change the flavor and name, as desired. This recipe is a...
Gazpacho Granita

Yonanas + Miguel = Gazpacho Granita

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I was having a play with a Yonanas Dessert Maker not so long ago - so many granita recipes are sugary and sweet - why not be a little more creative and try this savoury version using the traditional base ingredients of gazpacho soup!
Nutella Peanut butter banana bang!

Berry Cacao and Almond Breakfast Smoothie

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This smoothie is a super food smoothie. Use berries as they are low in sugar and high in antioxidants. Almonds for crunch and are low GI, to get you through to lunch.
The Girls Do Smoothies

Nutella Peanut Butter Banana Bang!

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If you feel like an indulgence, this smoothie is your one way ticket to gluttony. The rich ingredients blending into an ice cold smoothie make this the perfect dessert! The secret is the peanut butter, which adds a creamy flavour with a slight salty...
Mango and Lassi Smoothie

Mango and Coconut Lassi

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This is a traditional Indian smoothie, and can be served as a dessert or a drink. It’s rich, thick and full of flavour, and the secret is to balance the acidity from the yoghurt with the sweetness of the honey. You should only use fresh mango in...