Pour les Amour

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This elegant bottle with the French sounding name is in fact a true blue Australian label from the Adelaide Hills. We discovered a feature article on the wine in a fashion magazine of all things, but with its elegant looks, fresh crisp flavour, it's...


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This refreshing wine from the Clare Valley is a dry variety, not like the one Nanna used to drink!  Best enjoyed with seafood or Asian, it is mouth-wateringly impressive with a natural acid.  A great choice to enjoy on a summer's day. It is straw...
Jordan's Mandarin & Spice Mead

Honey Mead

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Mead is the oldest form of alcoholic fermentation around. Honey and water (hence being known as ‘honey wine’) are the two main ingredients, but different ingredients can be added to change the flavor and name, as desired. This recipe is a...
Lindemans Sparkling Punch

Lindeman’s Punch of Flowers

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Makes 2 litres 2 cups water 2 cup mixed edible flowers and herbs, marigolds, hibiscus, nasturtiums violas, lavender 1 large orange sliced 1 cinnamon stick, broken into pieces 1/2 teaspoon whole cloves 3 cups apple juice 1 bottle Lindeman’s...