Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Yoghurt Cheesecake

Published in Skye's Wild Desserts

This is one of my all-time favourite desserts. All credit here goes to my culinary hero—my mum, Carole Seymour. It took years to get this recipe and while I have now made this numerous times, I never tire of it. I modify it often, as does my...
Mini Ice Cream

Skye’s Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

Published in Skye's Wild Desserts

If you have a theme for your party, consider the colour choice of the toppings for maximum impact and pizzazz. You can make this job an activity as part of your party plan if you think they (and you) are up for it!
Pecan Pie

Maple Pecan Pie

Published in Skye's Wild Desserts

This is an all-time favourite winter dessert in our family. I love the mounds of leaves that fall, waiting for happy children to fly into and bury themselves in. But despite that, at our place in winter, the pecan trees are forgiven because of the...
Stonefruit puff pastry tart

Stonefruit Puff Pastry Tart

Published in From Justin North's Kitchen

A peach tart with raspberries and vanilla Chantilly cream is simply heaven: hot jammy fruit, crisp pastry and softly whipped cream – yum!
Gary's Queen of Puddings

Gary Mehigan’s Queen of Puddings

Published in FoodonTap Team

Serves 8 Ingredients  225g unfilled sponge cake, halved crossways 150g raspberry jam 1 vanilla bean 2 cups (500ml) milk 5 eggs, separated 160g caster sugar 125g fresh raspberries Method Preheat oven to 180c or 160c fan.  Grease a shallow 6 cup...
Gary's Spotted Dick

Gary Mehigan’s Spotted Dick

Published in FoodonTap Team

Serves 8 Ingredients 1 ½ cups (225g) self-raising flour 1 ½ cups (105g) fresh white breadcrumbs 1 cup (135g) prepared suet mix ½ cup (110g) caster sugar ¾ cup (120g) sultanas ¾ cup (100g) currants Finely grated rind and juice of 2 lemons 2...
Gary's Raisin & Sherry Truffles

Gary Mehigan’s Raisin & Sherry Truffles

Published in FoodonTap Team

Makes 20 Ingredients 250g good quality dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids, grated 1/3 cup (55g) raisins, chopped 2tbsp black or sweet sherry 1 cup (250ml) pure cream 1 vanilla bean, split 1 cup (100g) Dutch processed cocoa Method Place...

Flourless Chocolate Nut Torte

Published in FoodonTap Team

Simple to make and very easy on the palate. Similar to brownies, but baked in a cake tin, it presents as a beautiful dessert or afternoon tea cake. You can use a variety of ground roasted nuts – we like the combination of hazelnuts and walnuts but...
The Girls Do Smoothies

Nutella Peanut Butter Banana Bang!

Published in Sammy & Bella says...

If you feel like an indulgence, this smoothie is your one way ticket to gluttony. The rich ingredients blending into an ice cold smoothie make this the perfect dessert! The secret is the peanut butter, which adds a creamy flavour with a slight salty...
Brioche Pudding with Candied Fruits

Brioche Pudding with Candied Fruits

Published in From Justin North's Kitchen

Buy some caramel ice cream and vanilla custard to serve with this, and if you are feeling adventurous make a caramel syrup to drizzle all over the pudding. Note to give yourself about an hour to prove the dough which allows it to rest. This activates...