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Nationality. Australian
Languages. English, Polish

There are very few home cooks that can claim to have impressed and blown the minds of several world renowned chefs. For Sydney sisters Sammy and Bella that is exactly what they did when they won Channel Sevens hit show My Kitchen Rules series two. The girls took a gamble and both quit their jobs in the fashion industry to take part in the number one series, which has paid off and given them a head start in the food industry.

The girls trace their roots back to their Polish and Hungarian heritage through food – cooking is in their blood as female family members pass down recipes through the generations. Their parents migrated to Australia over 30 years ago armed with only a suitcase and a love for food. Their grandmother Ursula is the main source of the girls’ inspiration to cook… she worked as a caterer for various embassies in Warsaw and even had the honor of cooking for Bill Clinton.

The girls’ food experiences started from a very young age. Their families’ approach (“home cooked food is the best food”) meant that they were always helping out in the kitchen and they gained a great appreciation for foraging, with fresh and food taking centre stage in family outings to orchards, mushroom picking and fishing. They live by the motto that fresh, local and seasonal is always best.

Sammy and Bella showcased both traditional and reinvented Polish Cuisine as contestants on My Kitchen Rules. Their famous Beetroot Broth with Wild Mushroom Tortellini was their most traditional dish and a true testament to their grandmother’s influence. Sammy and Bella are now focused on bringing Central European flavours to the Australian palate.

Travel has always been central to Sammy and Bella’s lives, the girls live to eat international food and have since developed skills in cooking food from many different cultures around the world.

The girls are also prepared to try it all – including nose to tail eating which they are very passionate about. Respect for the animal means never turning your nose up at food and the girls take this seriously with some of their favourite foods being duck liver pate, Brazillian BBQ’d chicken hearts, braised pigs trotters, roasted bone marrow and blood pudding.

Since appearing on MKR, the sisters have thrown themselves into a food career with a blog ( and personal chef business. The girls launched their business spectacularly with a hit dinner party at Larry Emdur’s house, feeding 10 celebrities including Tom Williams, George Hourvadas and of course Pete Evans and Manu Feildel who judged their food 11/10.

The girls plan on expanding their food careers by hosting cooking classes and team building, writing a cook book and presenting a food/travel TV series.